Andy Wainwright has been capturing art and life photographically for the past 25 years.  He maintains fully equipped studio, lighting and computer facilities for in-house or onsite art, architecture, portrait and website assignments.  A master technician with an intuitive sense of what works best for the client, Andy is equally proficient at digital photography and postproduction Photoshop processing, and has tutored clients in both. Andy Patented a special-use panorama camera, on which all existing VR camera mounts are based on today. He enjoys building collaborative relationships and problem solving to help clients achieve the sharp, compelling, creative results he is known for.  His corporate work has taken him around the world shooting scenics and portraits for cutting-edge multimedia slide/digital video shows.  Andy was the first Garnet Hill photographer, has traveled on assignment with Merrill Lynch for 21 years, and continues to work in New York amd New England with hundreds of clients to meet their photographic and Photoshop needs. 


Joy Taylor                      Rita Dee                     Phyllis Palmer

James Warhola             Cathleen Toelke        Adam Dolle Inc.

Wendy Klein                  Betsy Jacaruso         William Clutz

Bayard Hollins              Anna Cinquemani     Calvin Grimm

Jo Renbeck                   Carrie Haddad           Christopher Kurtz         

D. Jack Solomon          Dean Vallas                Denise Orzo

Diane Bauer                  Eliza Twichell             Elizabeth Mowry

Eva VanRijn                   Frank Aultman          Bottom Line Advertising

Grace Gunning             Ines Em Ebrenz         Jack Wemp

Jeanette Fintz               Jeanne Englert          Jim Gurney of B.D.S.P. Inc.

Jim Zellinger                Joel Griffith                John Alvin of Alvin and Associates

Susan Hoffman            Joy Gross                  Jung Hyang Kim

Katheen Cahill             Kirk Reinert                Laura Battle                                       

Lorrie Fredette             Lynn Breslin              Mak the Yak Childrens clothes

Margo Herr                   Marie Cole                  Marilyn Fairman

Mark Delura                 Chris Kendall              Derek Haffar

Valerie Hammond        Mary Alice Lindquist  Merchants Press

Merrill Lynch Inc          Mimi Graminski          Molly O’Gorman

Naomi's Dolls                         Laura Toonkel

Pamela Wallace           Patti Mullins

Peter Hoffman             Travis Louie                 Val Shaff

Virginia Dow                Winter Sun                   Young Will Inc.

Loominus Handwovens                                   Tamohara Collection

Caroline Ullman           Susan Kotulak              Patty Fogle

Lynn Itzkowitz             Tom McCanna               Leigh Palmer

Donna Cleary      Bob Rosegarten

Steve Morris Designs                                        Haven Spa Rhinebeck

Sondra Sardis            Clare Chapman              Stevan Jennis

Mary Untalan              Steve Careau                 Carmel Holt

Kimberly Kahan         ISO New Enlgland         Dallia Hierro

Spagnolo Gisness & Associates, Inc.   

Tona Wilson                Dalia Hierro                   Sylvia Hierro

Barbara Eichin            J Fleming                      Portia Munson

Stanley Blum              Susan Post                    Emma Thomas

Suzanne Neusner      Debra Ramsay               Tona Wilson

Martha Bone              Cora Glasser                 Anne Finklestein

Jacek von Henneberg                                      Valerie Hammond

Deb Bein                     Emily Houpt                 Gay Gillies

Calvin Grimm             Brian Boyd                    Frank Litto

Friends of Olana        Bob Zises                      Lee Price

Sherell Jacobson      Mel Kendrick                   Martin Mullin

Anne Newburg          Jeanne Strausman        David DeSantis

Loren Eiferman         Toni Sosnoff                  Michael Gaydos        

Jim Stevenson           Jim O’Shea


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